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Swarovski Crystals - a beauty to behold

First of all, let me explain why I decided to use crystal rhinestones in my art at all. Though there is a glamourous aspect to it, crystals provide an ever changing appearance to a piece of glass art. How you view the crystal artwork will differ depending on the room, amount of light, angle of observation etc.

Whereas, a lot of other art forms remain static, using crystals to form an image enables a certain degree of drama to be added naturally to the artwork. The glistening effect of these crystals command attention by producing a constantly changing perspective to the artwork.

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The story behind Swarovski Crystals

Swarovski was the first jewellery company to pioneer a machine that could automatically cut a crystal with a multi-faceted surface. In fact it took Daniel Swarovski 9 years to develop a machine that would cut these crystals with the extreme precision he wanted. It was this exacting standard that led to Swarovski becoming a leader within the industry and ensured other industry leaders, such as from the fashion industry, to come back to Swarovski time and time again, using their crystals to create other forms of art.

Since then, Swarovski have continued developing their range of crystals to include different sizes, styles and colours, thereby offering the mass market the ability to customise anything and everything they want.

The beauty of these crystals is their resemblance to diamonds, in how they reflect light. The brilliant sparkle from a Swarovski crystal is the result of the glass composition containing 32% lead. When you imagine thousands of crystals placed next to one another, you get an idea of how amazing this sparkle can truly be!

Each glass artwork is made of 100% Swarovski crystals from the SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS range. Because of my dedication to the brand, I am able to provide a Certificate of Authenticity with every crystal portrait sold, which states I have only used SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS crystals on that image.

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Dazzling Sparkle and Beauty

Crystal art is precious, not only because of the high quality crystals used to create them, but also the rarity of using this form of medium to create a piece of artwork. Each design is an original, that can never be replicated in exactly the same way again.

One of the more awkward aspects of using crystals like this is that I would never be able to sell prints from any of the crystal portraits I create. What would be the point, when it cannot show the very feature that makes using crystals special. The glistening effect is the very nature of a piece of Swarovski crystal art, therefore each image remains totally unique for the owner to enjoy.

Have a look at my crystal art collection available or get in touch with an image of what you would like to see in crystal form!


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