Crystal Art Specifications

James Dean Swarovski design incorporates over 20,000 SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS crystals individually glued into place by hand

Length (including frame) - 53 cms (21")

Width (including frame) - 53 cms (21")

Depth (including frame) - 3.5 cms (1 38")

Frame - Black box frame with hanging mechanism already attached

James Dean, unquestionably an icon to this day, and the first Swarovski Crystal Art piece I created.

I chose this image because of the pensive look on James Dean's face as his attention is held away from the camera, creating a mystique around what he is actually looking at as his gaze is drawn into the distance.

James Dean Swarovski crystal art


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Crystal art image of James Dean

Free hand crystal design

The crystal rhinestones used all belong to the SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS range and for this particular piece, I used a free hand technique to arrange the Swarovski crystals onto an acrylic backing.

This style of layout is often used within mosaic glass art design as it enables you to build patterns into the artwork, thereby drawing emphasis to different parts of the face. Whereas a painter would be able to do this using slightly different colour tones, I have used semi-circular crystal patterns under the eyes and straighter lines to form part of the nose, which help define these areas of the face.

With this crystal artwork, I began by creating the eyes and working outwards to build up the face section, before completing the coat and background sections, giving a natural finish to the crystal design.

I wanted to use something more modern than simply black and white like the original photograph, so I opted for a mixture of lilac, purple, pink and black crystal rhinestones. It worked better than I could have hoped for and enables an iconic image to be a great centre piece of Swarovski crystal art.

James Dean Swarovski Crystal Art