Swarovski Art Specifications

Elizabeth Taylor Swarovski painting incorporates over 20,000 SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS crystals individually glued into place by hand

Length (including frame) - 57 cms (22 12")

Width (including frame) - 57 cms (22 12")

Depth (including frame) - 3 cms (1 14")

Frame - Mirrored frame with hanging mechanism already attached

A stunning Swarovski crystal portrait of Elizabeth Taylor, set in a mirrored frame to bring back the glamorous feel of old Hollywood into your home.

This Swarovski painting is made entirely of Swarovski crystal rhinestones glued onto an acrylic backing. The image of Liz Taylor is given a modern twist by adding in 3-dimensional Swarovski skull crystals as earrings.

Over 20,000 Swarovski Crystals

Using over 20,000 crystals, I chose to do this design in various hues of blue and clear crystal to capture her elegance with a Hollywood feel to it.

The SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS crystals are laid out in a freehand method, similar to viewing brushstrokes on a painting, giving the image a natural look finished look.

The effect as you walk past and light reflects off the crystals is absolutely amazing. The image literally comes alive and gives you a never-ending dynamic portrait that will give awe and delight to anyone who sees it.

A wonderful Swarovski painting that can fit anywhere!


Swarovski painting of Liz Taylor

Price £3600

Price includes postage and packing costs within the UK. For all other areas, please contact me to get an accurate quote for postage and packing to your country.

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Swarovski crystal skull
Swarovski crystal painting

Elizabeth Taylor Swarovski Painting