Swarovski Art Specifications

Wolf Swarovski painting incorporates over 9,000 SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS crystals individually glued into place by hand

Length (including frame) - 45 cms (17 34")

Width (including frame) - 33 cms (13")

Depth (including frame) - 3.5 cms (1 38")

Frame - White box frame with hanging mechanism already attached

The wolf keeps a watchful eye is this striking image as his piercing eyes appear to stare out at you from beyond the frame.

This Swarovski painting is made entirely of Swarovski crystal rhinestones glued onto an acrylic backing and surrounded by a white wooden frame. The frame is kept simple deliberately, to allow you to get the full benefit of the crystals as they sparkle.

Over 9,000 Swarovski Crystals

Using over 9,000 crystals, I chose to do this design in various hues of blue to give an ice cool quality to the wolf's face. Though this is a smaller design, it highlights how dramatic an effect using crystals has when focussed on the face.

The SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS crystals are laid out using a uniform method. This means the crystals are glued onto the backing in rows, building up the design line by line.

The finish is therefore, very neat, but still has detail within the face to realise the glare of such an animal when staring directly at it.

A wonderful Swarovski painting that can fit anywhere!


Swarovski painting of a wolf

Price £1600

Price includes postage and packing costs within the UK. For all other areas, please contact me to get an accurate quote for postage and packing to your country.

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Wolf Swarovski painting
Swarovski crystal painting

Wolf Swarovski Painting