About Crystal Designed Art

Hello and welcome first of all.

I began working as a crystal artist at the beginning of 2013. I enjoyed creating this unique type of art so much, that I chose to create this website, opening up the opportunity for anyone to purchase their very own piece.

It was end of 2011, when I was thinking about how I could get my 'creative mojo' back. I'd been working in marketing for most of my career, which allowed me some creative licence, but I often thought back to the times when I would just sit down and draw, for no other reason than to create something. So, after choosing to leave my career for pastures new, I decided it was also a chance for me to go back to the drawing board, literally.

Inspiration for creating crystal art came from a birthday card I'd received, which was adorned with various small acrylic shapes stuck onto a drawing of a tree. A simple idea, but it made me think how art can be a very tactile, as well as, visual subject. As I'm often attracted towards sparkly things, rhinestone crystals were a natural choice as a medium. And for top quality rhinestones, SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS were the only way to go. Hence, Crystal Designed Art was born.

Swarovski crystal art...something decandent and unique

The great thing about Swarovski crystals, is how they shimmer and change the look of the artwork depending on the light and position from which you view them. Undeniably, this form of art adds a touch of glamour and a very unique look.

Though I'd like to think my photos are a decent attempt at giving you an idea of what these pieces look like, nothing can truly capture the beauty of a crystal artwork quite like seeing it 'in the flesh'.

Each piece has had every individual Swarovski crystal applied and glued in place by hand, ensuring every piece is 100% unique. Every image is original, and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. As the look and feel of a crystal art piece is dependent on a 'live' viewing, it can never be accurately replicated in print, or such like, therefore each finished work is a one-off.

I use two different techniques. The first is a uniform technique where the Swarovski crystals are applied in rows to make a neat and compact arrangement of the rhinestones. The other is a free hand technique, where emphasis is placed upon creating different patterns within the crystal layout, similar to glass mosaic art, in order to mimic a kind of brush stroke effect. An example of this is arranging the crystals in differeing ways to define areas of a face, producing a similar effect to that of a painter defining facial expression through different angled strokes of a brush.

Crystal Designed Art custom designs images to suit you

All the designs shown on this website are available for you to order in the size and colouring of your choice. Just ask for a Crystal Art custom quotation. If you fancy a larger version or a simplified design to suit your budget, get in touch and I will see what I can do.

I hope to continue creating Swarovski crystal art in the future. To make sure you know about them, please check my website or follow my Crystal Designed Art page on Facebook.

All that remains for now is to thank you for visiting and hopefully see you again soon. x