Charlie Chaplin & The Kid Swarovski Crystal Portrait

Chaplin Swarovski portrait
Swarovski crystal portrait of Chaplin & the Kid

Close-up photographs of this Swarovski crystal portrait show in more detail how the final design is achieved.

Placing the Swarovski crystals in rows produces a very tidy look to the piece, yet still manages to capture a lot of detail, such as the characters mischievous faces as they peer around the wall.

Stunning glistening quality

Unfortunately, it is difficult to show the glistening effect and beautiful sparkle this crystal portrait gives off with just a photograph. I can only describe the effect as dazzling.

Whenever I walk past the image, light bounces off the crystals creating a stunning shimmering appearance that travels over the design. It has a truly beautiful quality to it, which I believe is more intense than any other crystal portrait currently shown on this website.


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