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What is Crystal Art?

"Unique glass art made with Swarovski crystals that provide an ever changing appearance with diamond like qualities"

I use Swarovski crystals from the SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS range to create crystal wall art, because they offer a unique beauty for every image, which cannot be replicated in any other medium. As light shines upon the Swarovski crystal art, they glisten, making a magnificent display that changes depending upon the light.

Rare and precious, crystal art is intrinsically beautiful, providing a dynamic elegance, rarely afforded by any other static display.

My original crystal designs shown here and on the artworks page, are available to buy. If you see something you like, but would prefer a different size or use of other Swarovski crystal colours, please get a quote from me.

If you have an altogether different crystal wall art image in mind, get in touch and I will see if it can be realistically produced in crystal form.